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Goth Parents United

Goth Parents United
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Goth Parents United, better known as GPU, is a community for those who consider themselves "Goth" (or even "alternative") and are also parents, pregnant or want to be parents.

You can discuss how you merge your alternative lifestyles with raising children, nice anecdotes, pictures of your pride and joy, tips and more...
If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.

I don't like rules, but unfortunately I have a few:
1) If you join this community, you best be tolerant of other's choices, no matter what choice that is. Everything is open for discussion and u can give your opinion, but no flames or unnecessary name calling.
2) If you flame because you like to prove here, that you don’t like children, I will delete it and banned you. There is no place for it here...
3) If one of these 2 things does happen, don’t react, but mail me, so I can take action...
4) HAVE FUN !!!