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gesprek tussen moeder en dochter / conversation between mother and daughter

ZOË-YAËL: "Ik denk dat ik een zusje of broertje krijg voor mijn verjaardag"

IK: "dat is pas 6 januari, het duurt nog heel lang voor je jarig bent"

ZOË-YAËL:  "Weet ik, dan kan de baby nog goed groeien"

translation for the non-dutch members:

ZOË-YAËL: "I think i'm going to get a baby brother or sister for my birthday"

ME: "Thats the 6th of january, still a long time away""

ZOË-YAËL:  "I know, than the baby has time to grow"

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Ha ha - that is too cute :-)
I think she will get lucky and find a little brother or sister in mommy's tummy on her birthday!

I think Zoë guessed the right date too, but if he or she will be in my tummy or already out, i dont know...